Monday, April 14, 2014

It's Sometimes Like Blindness is a Contagious Disease

Some days blindness is like having a contagious disease.

I am not completely blind, I can see shadows moving around me. I see the outline of a table or counter that people shuffle their way around. More than that people are not as quiet as they think, tip toeing around is still noisy. And why did Leif suddenly just sniff at something? Oh yes you thought you would sneak by with a bacon sandwich did you?

It can be hurtful to be sat there, at a party, all the others going around chatting and enjoying themselves, but to find yourself in a cone of not so silent movement.

Strangers are actually better at dealing with blindness, I find. You can't always know when a stranger is blind.

Relatives and so called friends however, know your blindness, they are often ok with it, but on some occassions it seemss they collude to deceive.

You walk into a room, they move slowly away. You sit at the table and they move to another room. Some don't speak until they leave the room and supposing the new room must be sound-proof, speak. You sit by the drinks, they go the long way around to pour, or get some brave soul to get drinks for all.

Edging by like some terrified peasant, moving silently by a sleeping dragon, you know they are there. But you know thet don't want you to recognize them.

So what? To hell with it. Play along with the stupidity of it all.

Being blind is not really a contagious disease, but it sure lets you SEE who your friends are.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Three Wishes ...

What would you wish for if you had three wishes?

Wish # 1.

I would wish for a regular supply of Cumberland Sausage. One of the foods I miss most from home in England. For those who are not familiar with Cumberland Sausage, it is a long sausage, not made into links and has a very distinctive spicy flavor. It is delicious on some nice fresh bread.

Wish #2.

To have the ability to help others see what I see, or don't see, whichever way you look at it. I often tire of people saying to me w What's this? Or looking for things that I need and put in a regular place, where I know it is, only to have it moved by someone else.

I maybe hold a false belief that if people could just see through my eyes, they might understand how they frustrate me with their antics. But the cynic in me tells me that is not going to be the case even for the moment.


My final wish is that I could learn to draw as a blind person. I did used to draw. I was never a brilliant artist, but I could draw a picture which looked reasonable.

I even made my own Christmas card one year. It was on black card and was little more than blobs of white and colored paints, but when you looked at it from a distance it was a snow scene, a cottage by a road  and a lamp-post, all edged out with snow. It looked pretty good even if I say so myself.

So if you could have three wishes. What would you wish for?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

iPhone Cases on

I know the iPhone is very popular among the visually impaired.

I am considering getting an iPhone 5s myself towards the end of the year. I heard last week on Bloomberg TV that there is a rumour that Apple Inc. will be launching an iPhone 6 this Fall, September or October, I can keep my HTC Android phone another 6 months until the 5s comes down to a reasonable price.

In the meantime I was looking on for iPhone cases and came across several great styles including these:

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Friday, March 21, 2014

An Unexpected Visitor

The other day while I was at work, Leif and I had a visitor.

A good visitor, my Geography professor from my community college.

It is not too long ago that I was at community college, 2007 until 2009. I actually completed my AA Degree in 17 months. A lot of work packing in 18 units of school and holding a part-time job while going blind. I must have been crazy! No I am crazy!

The professor got lots of fuss from Leif, who has taken to laying under my desk. I think he has heard something about us living in an earthquake zone. Anyway ...

The professor said that he had recently visited England, not only England but Yorkshire and in particular Harrogate.

I used to love visiting Harrogate, a high point was tea at Betty's Tea Room. So I asked if he had gone to Betty's and he had.

Isn't it nice when you meet someone thousands of miles from home who can say that they know a place you know very well and is so full of happy memories?

So if anyone is planning to be in the Harrogate area, stop by Betty's, have a sip of tea and a Fat Rascal for me, and just look over the park and watch the flowers bloom, or the snowflakes fall.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Black Lab Mug

As you may know one of my hobbies is to create items on

Over the week-end, another warm and sunny week-end here in California.  I managed to catch this great picture of Leif, my guide dog.

It was such a nice picture that I decided to place it on a mug and post it for sale.

Black Lab Mug
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